Experience your journey thru the world of Tantra Sex in Wien.

is the modern way of combinating sex with a massage and can be found in Wien. The tantric massage originated in India and was originally an esoteric form of Hinduism which was called tantra. Nowadays tantra became associated with a certain kind of sexual practice and is also known as tantric sex, neotantra and neo-tanrism which promises sexual excitement and fulfillment. Tantra sex is usually practiced in private and professional tantra studios in Wien, and other cities. For tantric studios in Wien as in other cities, it is important to offer the guests a pleasant atmosphere. Usually tantric sexual methods could be practiced solo, in partnership, or in the sacred rituals of groups. However in tantric sex studios the client receives a erotic tantric massage from a tantra masseuse which is trained in various tantric massage techniques. Some of the various tantric techniques would be the intimate massage which is also called fine massage, chuluaqui-quodoushka, expanded orgasm, orgasm control and Venus Butterfly. The sense of a tantric massage is not to reach a sexual climax, but the complete relaxation of body and mind, which should fuse through the tantric massage.

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