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Tranny or so called shemale / she-male is a term to describe a trans woman with male genitalia combined with female breasts and can also be found in Wien. Transsexual people are also known as travesties, crossdressers or shemales. Wien has a larger scene of transfans and tranny chasers, which is the slang term for individuals with such preferences. The attraction to transgender people is considered to be a paraphilia and the technical term for trans women would be gynemimetophilia and gynandromorph. The abbreviation for transsexual is TS and they offer an unusual sex service which could be described as an exotic sex experience of a different kind. However, they are a normal part of everyday life. Thailand is particularly known for his shemales, also called ladyboys. These sexy she-males, as in Wien, are often available for trannysex, which is occupied by many men.

  • TS Transsexual Lady Nadja Wien
16.12.13 3974 views
1190 Wien

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